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Cannabis Meditation

Weed, loud, cannabis or Mary Jane has been used for meditation and recreation for literally thousands of years. We know many cultures have used cannabis to reach different states of consciousness.

You may have herdfriends say their going to hold a meds( we all know their going to get high). But how do you effectively meditate with the use of cannabis? Can you only do it with so called bush weed?

Well after some consideration I decided that the only wat to find out was to have a go myself. For all of you whom enjoy your cannabis in spiffy form it's very simple. Smoke about 1/4 spliff down if it's Loud ie sour diesel, lemon haze etc. Keep in mind u don't want to be completely wavey or you might fall asleep during meditation. Give it about 5 minutes for the ganja to kick in. Now th slowly breath in for 4 seconds hold for 4 seconds and breathe out until all air is exhaled repeat for as long as you can. You may feel INTENSE vibrations and or flashing colours these are all normal and expected.

For less potent weed such as Thai weed or reggie do the same thing but maybe smoke half a spliff. For those of you who like to bong it maybe take one or 2 bong hits before meditation begins. Happy meditating.

This article was originally published on @malikkush