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YouTuber PR: a fast growing advertising strategy

YouTuber PR: they say it, you buy it!
YouTuber PR: they say it, you buy it!

Over the last few years there has been an incredible growth of content creators on YouTube. So high, that they are now considered to be celebrities, they are everywhere and anywhere. Within the most popular video broadcasting website there is a great deal of different content that is shared, it can go from makeup, handbags and clothes to reviews of new technologies, gaming videos and cooking channels. Everything on YouTube can have its scene, there is something for everybody.

This being said, you could be wondering why so many are sharing their lives and interests over the internet and if they get something out of it, the answer is simple yes they do. As creators of content on YouTube you can request a partnership to join their network and be able to monetize your videos in ways the regular user can’t. This means you can enable the option of earning money on your videos and place advertisements on them. And if you are good, get a lot of views, subscribers and comments you can earn enough to have it as a fulltime job which nowadays a lot of YouTubers do. More so, a significant chunk of them earn thousands a month and in some cases millions a year.

The ‘normal’ people who initially started just for fun generate a huge following, sometimes their channels’ subscriber numbers increase so quickly that within weeks they can reach the one or two million milestone. Which means brands and companies would be fools not to try and use it to their advantage. And this is exactly what they do. This brings me to the main point of this blogpost: the PR companies and brands do through YouTubers with sizable following.

The Content Creators companies decide to endorse and work with is determined by who will fit the image of the company and has the target group that they aim at. They are willing to pay good money to be reviewed (negatively or positively) by a YouTuber or to just get mentioned in one of their videos. This is a fairly new indirect advertising platform for companies to get their product out there.

One of the most popular communities on the website that gets PR endorsed is the beauty community, yes makeup and skincare are huge on YouTube. Some girls or boys talking about how to make the ‘perfect winged eyeliner’ have over ten million subscribers, their ideal material for beauty brands to show their products. People who watch their videos are obviously interested in makeup and in purchasing it.

The viewers see how ‘amazing’ a certain product is when used by usually professional makeup artists and will want to look the same. What is the logic follow-up to this? The viewer will most likely end up buying the product. If you think about it, it is kind of a genius way to get your brand out there and into the heads of thousands, millions of people interested in the field. There are many ways a company can do PR through YouTubers: sending them free packages of their latest things is one of the most popular ways. Discount codes is also a big one: YouTubers get paid to mention a code their following can use on the website of the company to get a discount on a purchase.

Now, I don’t know about you but seeing how fast everything is going and how our life is more digital by the minute, I think you can easily conclude that this will continue happening and growing in the future. It can get annoying for the watcher to always be confronted with the person on the screen talking and raving about certain products. But the YouTubers get paid well and it works for the companies.

This article was originally published on @liesbethbijvoetst